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Health Reasons to Add More Rosemary to Your Foods

There are a couple of health reasons to add more rosemary to your foods — and I’m assuming you’re getting so much of them already. After all, rosemary is a popular spice that needs no reintroduction to most of us. This article, therefore, focuses on the benefits of having this spice in your meals regularly.

Rosemary grows on Salvia rosmarinus, an evergreen shrub. It is a native Mediterranean herb that’s spent thousands of years in the kitchen & in traditional medicines. This herb now grows across America, Asia & Europe.

5 Health Reasons to Add More Rosemary to Your Foods

Contains Antioxidants

Rosemary has the potential to boost immune function & combat oxidative stress, thanks to its rich levels of antioxidants & certain bioactive chemicals, such as phenolic diterpenes, for example, caffeoyl & carnosol derivatives. The herb also fosters healthy blood circulation & tackles inflammation. Also, rosemary combats the effects of free radicals on the skin, thereby reducing the visible markers of aging.

Can Improve Mood & Alertness

The smell of rosemary is regarded as a cognitive stimulant — like most other herbs that belong to the mint family. It helps to be more alert & focused. Certain studies have proven that the compounds in rosemary oil boast neuroprotective properties and mental-improving effects by helping to avoid the depletion of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that influences concentration & memory retention.

In addition, the energizing & uplifting smell of rosemary is associated with improved moods & reduced stress levels — courtesy of its ability to cut down on cortisol production. This explains why it’s often present in aromatherapy oils & candles.

May Help to Achieve Better Hair

There are indications that rosemary can stimulate better hair growth, and it is thus a common presence in hair products targeted at richer hair & healthier scalp. The spice can tackle skin irritation & dandruff, two conditions that lead to dryness. Rosemary may also reduce how the hair follicles are affected by testosterone, which may lead to hair loss & thinning if left unchecked.

Helps to Ease Indigestion

Rosemary, in its cooked or steeped form, always has a solution for digestive complications, including gassiness, bloating, heartburn, abdominal pains & loss of appetite. The herb appears to be able to stimulate more discharge of fluids that help digestion, for example, bile, which also supports the standard nutrient absorption process. 

Possesses Natural Antimicrobial Qualities

Rosemary contains compounds that suppress the growth of specific bacterial strains, especially those that cause infections. Extracts from the herb are usable as food preservatives since it can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The scent of rosemary is also a natural bug repellant & will thus help to prevent bites from specific insects, such as ticks that spread viruses & illnesses.

Concluding the Health Reasons to Add More Rosemary to Your Foods

Apparently, there are pretty good health reasons to add more rosemary to your foods. It can also assist metabolic health, thereby helping to improve insulin sensitivity & keep blood sugar at healthy levels. There has to be a limit to your consumption of rosemary, though. It is easy to forget moderation if the aroma & benefits of the herb are considered.

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